How can we get Car Insurance
How can we get Car Insurance
02 August, 2019

There are two types of Car Insurance policies – Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-Party Insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
This will protect your car from damages caused by fire or theft, and will also pay out to a third party if you’re involved in an incident. It will also pay out if your car’s damaged in another way such as a bump or crash. For maximum protection, it’s advisable to pair comprehensive coverage with additional add-on insurance covers.

Third-Party Insurance
This type of policy covers the damages caused to another party by your car. This is the most basic and mandatory form of motor insurance as per the UAE law. The policy is usually cheaper compared to a comprehensive policy. Third party insurance cover will not pay for any damages to your own car.

Many insurance companies allow you to choose from a range of additional features or add-ons, which eventually determine the final premium for your policy. We’ve gathered an extensive list of these policy add-ons.

Agency repair
Offers the option to extend agency repair coverage for up to five years

Personal accident cover for driver & passengers
Provides financial compensation if the driver or passenger dies or sustains a physical injury in the event of an accident, up to AED 200,000 per person insured

Emergency medical expenses
Covers medical expenses (up to specified limit) incurred by the driver/passengers within 24 hours of an accident

Off-road cover
Covers loss of or damage to the vehicle while being driven off road

Roadside assistance
Offers accident/breakdown recovery services including vehicle towing, battery jump start, tyre replacement etc.

Personal belongings cover
Covers loss of or damage to your personal belongings (up to specified limit), while in the insured vehicle

Replacement of locks
Covers the cost of replacing the locks in case your car keys are stolen.

GCC cover
Extends territorial coverage to Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar

Oman extension
Specifically extends territorial coverage to Oman

New car replacement
Covers against total loss of a new vehicle less than six months old

Natural calamities cover
Covers loss of or damage to the vehicle due to storms, floods etc.

Dent repair
Covers the cost of paint-less dent removal

Windscreen cover
Covers the cost of repairing or replacing the windscreen if broken or damaged

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What information is required to get a better deal on car insurance?

You will have to provide some basic information about yourself (the driver) as well as your car, to generate a personalized car insurance quote.

Car Details: You may be asked to provide your car’s year of manufacture, year of first registration, place of registration (Emirate), car make, car model and car value. The insurer may provide you with an estimated value of your car based on the details you supply. However, you have the option to change this value as long as it is within the range set by the insurer.

Personal Details:You may be asked to provide your name, date of birth, contact details, nationality, country of first driver’s license, number of years you have had your driver’s license for (as well as your UAE driver’s license) and number of years you have driven without claiming on your insurance. You may also be asked to declare that your car is for private use only, meets GCC specifications, and has not been imported from overseas.