How to know that it’s Time for a Car Battery and Tyres Replacement?
How to know that it’s Time for a Car Battery and Tyres Replacement?
18 February, 2020

How to know Car Battery Replacement is required?

  • The warning light appears:
  • A warning light appears on the dashboard which indicates an issue with your battery. Once you start getting this indication, better get your car’s battery checked and get it replaced if needed.
  • Battery Leakage:
  • This is the most dangerous situation when your battery starts leaking due to damage in the battery. This can happen due to the overcharging of the battery or if the climate is too hot. The car needs to be taken to a workshop immediately for a battery replacement.
  • Slow Start:
  • As your battery starts getting old, and at the time of start it cranks sluggishly and takes time to start the car, it is better to get your car’s battery checked or replaced.
  • Battery Age:
  • The battery has an expiry date of three to six years. So make sure to get the battery checked and replace it if required from time to time.
  • Bad Smell:
  • Any damage to your car battery can cause leakage of gas from the battery. The gas which is released from the battery smells like rotten eggs. In such a case you should take the car to the workshop immediately and get the battery checked.
  • Swelling and Bloating of the Battery:
  • Excessive charging or overheating causes the battery to swell which decreases the battery’s life. If you see that your car battery is swollen or bloated kindly get your car checked at a nearby workshop.

When do you require a Tyre Replacement?

  • Tyre Warning Light Appears:
  • If you have added air in the tyre but still the air pressure warning light appears, take your car to the nearest service station to check the tyres as under-inflated tyres can be the root cause of larger problems.


  • Reduction in tyre depth:
  • As per Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (Esma), there is a  clearly defined legal limit for tyre depth for different categories of vehicles.

Light Weight Vehicle: 1.6 MM

Medium Sized Vehicle: 2.4 mm

Buses & Trucks: 3.2 mm

Therefore following the legal tyre tread depth limit, if there is a reduction it can cause friction which can skid your car over the road. Therefore your car needs to be taken to a mechanic to get the tyres changed.

  • Tyre Age:
  • How old are your tyres?
  • It is recommended to replace the car tyres when they reach ten years old. We can check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the sidewall which shows the week and the year it was manufactured in.
  • Too much of Vibration and sound: When you drive the car regularly, there is a certain amount of vibration but if you feel it’s a lot more than normal and its creating a bad sound, you need to get your cars tyres to check and get them replaced if need be.

    Keeping a check on these signs will save you from a lot of trouble. Regular maintenance of your car is a definite must so that there are no unexpected car breakdowns in the heat of Dubai.