Tips To Select A Reliable Car Workshop in Dubai
11 December, 2019

Looking a car workshop for your car repair service in Dubai? Finding a reliable car workshop can be a tough process mainly for those who don’t have mechanical knowledge. Here are some tips for choosing the best auto workshop:

Best Auto workshop in Dubai

Ask for recommendations:

One of the best ways to know about a car workshop is to ask around or take recommendations from your family and friends who have visited these workshops before for their car maintenance work. Word of mouth is very helpful in knowing about a car garage as you get aware about its services and how they can be helpful for your car breakdown.

Check for certifications:

When you get your car serviced at a car workshop, check that they have proper approved certification. As in Dubai, ISO 9001, Certification is needed for auto garage, so check for that before getting your car maintenance work done in that garage.

Check for the reviews:

Online reviews provide an unbiased opinion, so after getting recommendations, it is advisable to go through the reviews available online for a better picture about the garage and the services which they cover.

Check the price:

The price alone should not be the factor of choosing a garage, it is possible that if the price is too high, they will provide the best service but this might not be the case, better to do the research properly before finalising on the basis of price.

Get the estimation done:

Before making a final decision it’s always better to get the estimation done of the repair. It helps you to know how much cost you can incur from a workshop and what services they will be offering at what price. It’s better to look around a few other workshops for the estimation. Whichever price estimation suits you perfectly you can visit that garage for the work. With multiple estimations you will also get surety that the workshop you chose has not charged you extra for any unwanted work.

Get to know about the garage:

Once you have finalised which garage you want to choose, ask the mechanics about their experience. Make sure they explain you everything clearly, so that you be sure that they will do right thing to your car. Also ask about which parts they are going to choose for your car repairs, this will help you to know the garage quality standards.

Check for warranty:

Esteemed garages will always give warranty on the parts for the repairs that are done by them. So you might get a warranty which varies from 30 to 90 days.

Customer Care Service:

The most important thing is to look out for good and friendly customer service provided to you by your car workshop. The advisors and technicians should be able to explain about what’s wrong with your car and how much time will it take to repair so that you get a pleasant experience.

These are some of the tips which can help you while you select your car workshop in Dubai. You should be aware of what type of work is needed for your car . If you cannot understand it ask your advisor or technician to explain you the work process in a simpler manner.