Luxe Cars Showroom

Our used car facility is Luxe Cars is a used car company located in the Automotive complex in Ras Al Khor. Our mission is to make it possible for customers to own their dream car without spending a fortune like they would in the dealership. We understand the value of luxury and aim to provide the verified vehicles to our customers. You want the guarantee that you know the accurate history of the car before buying, and with us, you can assure that there is complete transparency throughout the process.

Royal Cars Garage

A quick turn onto Umm Suqeim Road from Al Khail Road leads one to Royal Cars Garage, conveniently located within sight, just off the first right exit in Al Quoz. Royal Cars provides the same renowned great service found at big brother KM Garage. This 15,000 square-foot facility likewise provides dent removal, mechanical and technical repair, and all maintenance services including fluid and filter checking and replacement. It features chassis straightening equipment, three lifts, an enclosed painting bay, along with washing and vacuuming.

Al Ameek Garage

Established in 1998, Al Ameek Garage specializes in automotive insurance, accidental, mechanical and electrical repair services. Located in Rashidiya we provide around the clock service for vehicles ranging from hatchbacks to medium-sized commercial vehicles.

ikyam IT Solutions

Ikram UAE is a joint venture between the KM Group and ikyam IT solutions (Bangalore) and has been supporting its customers across the UAE. We are focused on delivering exceptional customer service, from sales to implementation and solution support. No matter how sophisticated your business process is Ikyam UAE, can guide you towards the perfect product to match your specific requirements.

We cover:
-Management of inventory and accounting
-Compliance with GCC VAT regulations
-Efficient invoicing
-Clear MIS reports and analysis

Accessed online at its partner site, ikyam IT

Bin Faris Auto Services

Abutting KM Garage, the Bin Faris maintenance facility is the last stop for repaired vehicles before they are returned to customers. Here, fluids and filters are checked and all vehicles are washed, detailed, and vacuumed before returned to customers.

Saitech Auto Spare Parts

This 28,000 square-foot facility located just minutes from KM Garage ensures accurate, timely procurement and installation of all parts required by repair staff. Saitech also supplies parts to other build-workshops, at their request. It is the one stop-shop for all your spare parts needs.

Royal Truck Workshop

Heavy-duty containers or construction rigs, medium trucks, and buses are repaired, realigned, rebuilt, and refurbished at this large outdoor Ras Al Khor facility. An expanded and fully shaded facility at this site will be ready by mid-2018.