Automotive Repairs

Through long associations with professional representatives of and quality workmanship provided across all workshops within KM Group, premium UAE-based insurance companies have continuously made the reputable firm their go-to when selecting the best services for their clients.

Along with a stellar reputation grounded in 36+ years’ experience and expertise, KM Garage and its affiliated companies have met:
-All RTA repair-shop requirements
-Essential ISO standard

Additionally, KM’s experience with fixed-panel repair rates provides an added measure of efficiency when collaborating with insurance companies to resolve claims.

Automotive Service and Repair Dubai – In the end, the best insurance that any company can get is the precious positive word-of-mouth branding in the community that KM Garage enjoys.

Among insurance companies, corporations for which it maintains fleet operations, and repeat individual customers, KM Garage aims to be a paragon of great service for its high quality, economical, and timely service, and its more than 65 staff continuously work together to strive this enviable standing.

Customized Fleet Plan (CFP)

Several corporations entrust the care of their fleet vehicles including heavy construction rigs, delivery trucks, and taxis to KM Garage certified repair technicians.

Car Fleet Maintenance Service Dubai – Your guarantee of immediate recovery, repair, and refurbishment are a phone call away at 04-2855099 Fleet Management Services Dubai – when you set up a KM Customized Fleet Plan (KM-CFP)at our head office.

Planning ahead eliminates needless anxiety anticipating problems as well as the actual agony of losing valuable hours of work time phoning around to random repair shops for recovery and repair when foundations need digging and goods need delivering. Additionally, having an established agreement helps maintain regular cash flow when trouble does strike.

Guaranteed benefits to our KM-CFPMembers include
* Monitoring maintenance
* Night-time operations
* Same-day service
* Preferential rates

Maintenance Services

Send us the date of your annual RTA Vehicle Inspection, and every three months we’ll send you an ASAP message via WhatsApp, reminding you of your inspection and including a booking date for quick vehicle maintenance servicing at Our workshops.

Your likelihood of getting stuck with a repair or maintenance issue at the inspection will significantly decrease if you watch your miles and follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan that our staff can provide.

Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance in Dubai – Unforeseen inspection issues that our crew will detect include:
-Oil changes
-Tune-ups (Tire rotations, Wheel alignments)
-Brake service
-Tire replacement
-Battery replacement
-Windshield wipers
-Timing belt
-Drive belts